Talkspace Underscores Importance of Remote Therapy as Pandemic Rages

The importance of mental health and talk therapy has only become increasingly important over the past decade. It stands to reason that the advent of talk therapy as well as its importance can be traced back even further. The concept of talk therapy can be traced back more than 3,500 years ago to the ancient writings shared by Greece and Egypt. It was in these ancient texts that references to ‘health through words’ were found, leading to therapy as we know it today. Where else has therapy originated from and where might it be going in the coming years, as remote therapeutic options such as those offered by Talkspace become the norm.

We can trace the roots of psychotherapy back to the 1800s where it was defined as discussions shared between a psychiatrist and patient. Originally a ‘general term’, psychotherapy was looked upon to identify moods, thoughts, and behaviors while defining actionable ways to address these situations with health at the forefront of the process. With that being said, therapy hasn’t enjoyed a scandal-free ascent to the importance that we laud upon it today. Throughout history, we have seen the impact that psychotherapy can have when practiced improperly, such as through the questionable methods purported by individuals such as Freud and Franz Mesmer.

Modern therapy solutions have sought to utilize technology to bridge the gap between patient and practitioner. Originating from behaviorism, talk therapy would find fertile ground to grow within during the onset of the 20th century. Psychological leaders like B.F. Skinner would further refine the field of psychology while establishing some of the systemic tools that practitioners rely upon today, such as behavioral reinforcement therapy.

In 2009, a paper published by the Lancet would argue for the effectiveness of text-based therapy. At the time, Talkspace was not yet in existence. Yet, the clear benefits of text-based therapy would translate with ease to the text-based application. The company would be founded in totality by the year 2012 as brothers Roni and Oren Frank developed their website and mobile application. Now, years later, the company continues to grow with more than one million users currently on the system.

Talkspace is guided text psychotherapy that has been engineered with modern technology in mind. Embraced by superstar athletes like Michael Phelps, the platform relies upon more than 570k mental health professionals throughout the United States. Platforms like Talkspace are looking to take down as many barriers between mental health treatment and those who need it. The application seeks to engineer positive interactions between mental health professionals and those who need them by creating an approachable platform powered by laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones. No matter which device a patient uses, they will be able to access the conversations and plans that they require.

With psychotherapy and mental wellness becoming more central to society, remote mental health support companies are going to continue to pop up. With continued improvements in the field, remote therapy should not only become more accessible, but it should also become more affordable.