Pamper your Body with Massage Therapy Mykonos

Pamper your Body with Massage Therapy Mykonos

Massage therapy is an age-old art that has been a part of man’s life in one form or another for centuries. Archeologists have researched references to massage in the archeological records from Rome, India, Japan, Egypt and Greece.

Massage therapy is used to enhance your body and mind’s relaxation and remove stress or anxiety. It is also used to treat physical problems especially if it is related to pain. Athletes use massage as a therapy to heal from injuries. Massage therapy also relieves sport injuries by enhancing the flexibility of the patient and increasing their range of motion.

Different types of massage

Therapies have come up with a wide number of massage options overs their amazingly rich history. Swedish massage is an incredible massage type and highly popular. The therapist will use all types of movements to handle your muscles. The movements comprise of long gliding hits, tapping, rubbing, vibrating, acupressure and rocking movements. Swedish massage is renowned for its relaxation, pain relief and body flexibility. It enhances circulation by encouraging good blood flow.

Sports massage is especially offered to athletes and can be customized to meet the needs of the client. For instance, the therapist can use stretching methods to reduce the stiffness of the muscles or to enhance the flexibility of the joints of the patients. The therapist will make use of heat or cool treatments for different needs.

Deep tissue massage, also known as therapeutic massage therapy, is regarded as an intense massage whether the therapist will put pressure on you to reach the deep tissues. It is used to enhance your movement and relieve deep pain. In several situations, the therapist focuses on a particular body part, say your lower back.

Pregnancy massage also called prenatal massage has been drafted for pregnant women after their first trimester. It helps to lessen their pain, stress and irritation arising from pregnancy. A pregnant woman needs adjustment of traditional methods to enhance their comfort and keep the mother and the baby safe.

Aroma massage: It offers a good healing power to the patient when done with chosen essential oils. The atmosphere, oils, aroma and therapy combining nourish your skin and relief your physical and mental tension. You can pick from the wide range of options of essential oil and go for the one as per your preference.

Neck and shoulder massage: If you want to relieve your body from all the tension and want you to get rid of your monotonous life, then a neck, shoulder and back massage is the best option for you.

Couple massage: It is an amazing healing and relaxing massage Mykonos for you and your spouse to enjoy in synchronization together. Pick any of the techniques and enjoy a good moment with your partner.

In order to know which type of massage is feasible for you, it is important to consult a good massage therapist. Mayte Mateos is a brilliant massage therapist who will guide you with the best massage option for you. Choose her services and get the best therapeutic results for you.