MSME Financial Supply Platform, AladiEx to Launch Its Basic Trading Exchange & OTC Trading Facility on 25th June 2020

Fundraising is one of the most crucial tasks for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, especially for those which are new in the space and trying to establish themselves. With so many barriers and complexities, it is quite difficult for MSMEs to successfully secure capital investment in the traditional financial markets. The most common fundraising channels are – venture capital, crowdfunding platforms, bank loans, friends and family.  However, most of these require businesses to already have a steady cash flow and revenue level plus usually a personal guarantee by the owners.. 

In this context, digital money is a low barrier micro-financing method. Superexchange platform and financial supply tool AladiEx is empowering MSMEs by providing them with a blockchain-based fundraising platform through which they can create global investor connections and raise funds through instantaneous transactions. The platform is powered by a native token named ALADIN (ALA), which businesses can use to secure the funding they require. 

What makes the platform so exciting is investors and crypto enthusiasts also get an opportunity to invest globally in promising businesses through digital currencies. To put it simply, AladiEx is a blockchain-powered superexchange platform which acts as both a financial supply tool for MSMEs and an advanced trading platform for crypto traders and investors. As a part of its upcoming platform update, AladiEx will launch its fully functional basic exchange and OTC trading platform on the 15th of June, 2020. 

AladiEx Provides a Win-Win Situation

The AladiEx blockchain-based platform enables small businesses from anywhere across the world to connect with investors and present their fundraising goals. Being powered by blockchain, AladiEx executes the fundraising process through encrypted algorithms and secure identities. Businesses registered on the platform are duly verified and they use the ATO (AladiEx Token Offering) methodology and their newly created tokens by AladiEx to secure funding from investors. Fundraising on AladiEx is driven by the businesses meeting certain KPIs so that they can move on to the next funding round. Hence it is fair to say that AladiEx presents a safe and secure fundraising environment that investors can trust upon. 

Apart from being beneficial for MSMEs, AladiEx also offers an advanced trading platform where investors can trade and manage their assets using top class trading tools. Hence, it is a unique financial supply tool that addresses the existing pain points of both businesses and investors, thus creating a secure investment platform. 

Summing it Up

If you are a crypto enthusiast, business professional looking to venture into the crypto space. or a seasoned trader, AladiEx’s upcoming OTC and Basic Exchange launch will interest you. The platform’s basic exchange will be fully functional from the 25th of June. Moreover, it will also launch its OTC trading platform on the same date. This will enable traders to trade in crypto directly, without any intervention from a third party or the exchange itself.  Initially members will be able to trade BTC, ETH, USDT and ALA the native token of the exchange.

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