How Can Personal Trainers Write for Fitness Magazines?

Like any teacher & coach, I define my success by that of my clients, students and readers.

So once I get messages from motivated personal trainers asking me “How am i able to write for fitness magazines?”, I feel compelled to deliver.

Today’s post goes to hide personal strategies on how you’ll become a contract fitness writer for any of the large shot fitness magazines.

I’ve had an excellent deal of experience as a contract fitness writer, where in previous couple of years I’ve written over 50 articles for over 20 major fitness magazines.

In doing so, I’ve found there are two major prerequisites the magazine editors are trying to find , no matter which magazine it’s .

The 2 Prerequisites are:

  1. you want to have good ideas that are unique (have a hook), easy to know and immediately applicable for the overall population.


  1. you want to be a reputable fitness writer who’s already proven that you simply can provide high-quality training articles, write them during a concise manner and deliver them during a timely fashion.

Magazine editors are overly busy, under many pressure and have deadlines to stay . They won’t commission a piece of writing bent someone who hasn’t already proven themselves as a reputable personal trainer who’s capable of writing their ideas during a solutions based manner with mass appeal.

In order to create credibility and to hone your craft as a fitness writer & professional, i like to recommend you follow this 3-step process:


Blogging will assist you become a far better writer through constant practice by writing your ideas during a concise, solutions based manner.

Additionally, Blogging can help you find your “niche.”

After blogging for awhile you’ll find there are certain subjects that you write about most often, and which are the subjects you’re most passionate about. Focusing on these subjects will allow you to “brand your style” by creating a singular value to your work and separate yourself from other 100,000 fitness bloggers.

So Blog, and Blog often!

(To jumpstart your writing career, inspect sites like to urge started blogging!)


If you’ll get your written work published on a fitness training website like Nesta you’ll know that your ideas are worthwhile to readers because these websites won’t publish stuff unless they think it’ll get attention and benefit their readers.

Getting your articles published on these training websites also will help to create your credibility (as a writer & personal trainer) and convey many attention to your Blog.

Plus, many of the magazine editors I’ve worked with often read these websites (especially T-nation) and sometimes pull talent from them once they think a particular writer’s material can easily be tailored to their magazine audience.

How to get in touch with Fitness Websites?

In order to urge in-tuned with editors of those fitness websites, i like to recommend contacting someone who has already written for the location you desire to figure with. And, once you do – Give them a finished article to review.

Now, I write for these websites and I’m far too busy with my very own stuff to reply to each damn email i buy from folks who want to write down , which is almost every trainer and their brother. But, I’m more willing to require outing of my day to assist other fitness professionals of whom I’ve already met in-person, talked shop with and located to possess great ideas. I’ll also be more inclined to help those who have Blogs, which are full of great content.