CandleBSC announces a community driven governance platform on the Binance Smart Chain.

AMSTERDAM — CandleBSC announced today the Governance platform called CandleCommunity with a subsequent CandleBSC Token release.  

Every day sees the launch of hundreds of BSC tokens. Whether they are meme tokens or utility tokens, the amount of scams and rugpulls are higher than ever. Through a dedicated launchpad for BSC tokens and the Candle Foundation, the crypto community can filter through the actual #gems and invest in projects they truly believe in. 

Governance is an important security measure in which a Cryptocurrency platform can operate safely. The authority vested is vested among the holders of the CandleBSC token through CandleCommunity. This ensures that the decision-making processes are in the hands of the community.

Through the CandleCommunity,  CandleBSC holders decide not only the way the council operates but also the upcoming features, the marketing and exchange listing choices. 

Along with CandleCommunity, CandleBSC announces the following:

  • CandleBSC token: The CandleBSC token serves as a value-based utility token used on the platform. With a presale launching on the 28th of May. 
  • CandleFoundation: Helping the community in creating charity-based tokens, while still providing value to the holders of these tokens. Supported charities need to be vetted by the community in order to be able to create a token. 
  • Candle Launchpad: A community governed launchpad that tries to prioritize the value of token launches in the currently untamed and open territory of the Binance Smart Chain. The launchpad ensures that at least 90% of the liquidity is locked on the chosen exchange and that the token is vetted by the CandleCouncil and the community.

As DeFi and Blockchain, in general, is a continuously changing market, CandleBSC differentiates itself by closely involving the community in the development of its platform.

Twitter: @CandleBSC

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