Apollo11 Speeds the Adoption Process With the Next-Generation A11 Token

Thoughtful and high-quality tokens design with the moon promising words no longer optional. Gone are the days that any company could launch with bare-bones tokens. The demand side of holders has been changed— holders are seeking the unique but safe tokens that offer them stable earnings. The problems and opportunities have stayed quite similar, but the markets and opportunities have gotten much larger.

When demands like this come and the Apollo11 crew reacts, 

In launching A11 tokens the company was working to make the community-driven project built on Binance Smart Chain #BSC. They established the most revolutionary mechanism to the BSC ecosystem. Users easily earn $BNB just by holding an A11token. Apollo11 also marks the previously bootstrapped important milestone in cryptocurrency history. 

Just by virtue of making it more accessible to holders, traders who have never won in their trading or hodl history, when they hold A11 tokens, 7% of every transaction including sell, buy, or transfer that is re-distributed to all A11 holders in $BNB. This amount of BNB called the BNB pool. Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn are seen as key functions that occur during each trade. 

The size of A11 tokens, in particular, has gotten infinitely larger as the total supply is up to 20,000,000,000,000 A11. It should be highlighted that 70% of the total supply is allocated for the fair presale, 3% for airdrop, 12% For a foundation with the purpose of building dex exchange. The marketing activities currently comprise 19% of the total supply and finally, 10% will be distributed for the Apollo11 team.

The project sounds like sci-fi — but it’s really an attempt to take what has been a relatively potential and safe profit for the Apollo11 community. Apollo11 Expert makes A11 token available as an on-demand capability — take advantage of the advances in the speed and availability of the next-generation tokens for the community. In better economic conditions, you can afford to cast a wide net, simply hold A11 tokens and passively earn BNB without full-time trading.

In other words, opportunities are ripe for massive profit value creation in the cryptocurrency industry. Many unicorns will be built in these spaces, and while the Apollo11 crew still in the early innings, there are a few specific sides where users can approach freely A11 tokens through airdrop phases. They are going to keep building for the next few years and then Apollo11 tokens will be in a spot to be strong public tokens.

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