AKODAX: Presenting An All-Inclusive Smart Contract Platform For Stable & Passive Earning

Smart contracts are indeed an icing on the already revolutionary concept of blockchain technology. These pieces of code in the form of agreements and contracts self execute themselves on the occurrence of certain events. There are several advanced smart contracts in the market, but even the most successful ones are troubled with drawbacks.

Akodax, a technology firm, has harnessed the strengths of these successful ones and has also addressed their drawbacks. Based on these, it has built a proprietary smart contract that is fair and inclusive for every potential participant. Apart from this, it presents a collaborative environment where everyone can join and gain the promised benefits.

The contract is built on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can save their assets, and further multiply those. All in all, Akodax presents a stable passive earning opportunity for each and every participant on the platform. It works in a very simple manner. Each new user is placed under the previous user via the smart contract, and they can start by investing small amounts in ETH. Once the transaction is verified, they can then receive payments from other users through an instant P2P framework. Additionally, users can also earn through referrals.

Akodax is powered by an advanced Torus System in the form of a leak-proof ETH vault. The Torus System deploys an automated feedback mechanism that only considers every user within the network. Thus, this system eliminates the hassle of stagnant rounds and presents a profitable prospect for everyone where they can earn in a stable manner, just with a minimum investment of 0.25 ETH.

Akodax also provides wallet support to all its users. It supports Coinbase and Trust wallet for smartphones and Meta-Mask Google extension wallet for computers. These three simple and easily configurable wallets can be used for Akodax transactions, thus adding an added layer of convenience for all its users.

All in all, Akodax is a well-rounded platform that offers benefits to its users through multiple channels. These benefits are founded on the following pillars – MLM commission, advanced smart contract benefits, collaborative economy, international benefits, reinvestment opportunities and many more.

The company’s tag line ‘Earn For Life’ sums up its potential economic offerings, and is indeed a refreshing perspective in the world of crypto. To know more, please visit the official website.

Company Name: Akadex
Website: http://www.akodax.com/
Telegram group – @akodaxofficialgroup