7 Best Cake Flavours For Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is just around the corner. Celebrated on 5th September as the birthday of the great scholar, educationist, and India’s first president, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan; this day is for conveying Thanks to teachers like you mean it.

Though students are seen giving single rose stems and greeting cards to their teachers as a token of gratitude, and some also give pens to their teachers. But, to mark the day more sweetly, a cake is the best gift. When you appease the taste buds, you appease the hearts.

If you do not know the favourite flavours of your teachers, fret not! We have compiled a list of delicious cake flavours that will surely be relished by your teachers.

  • Vanilla Cake: The ultimate cake flavour when you are in doubt what the recipient likes. Simple yet irresistible, you can never go wrong with the vanilla flavour. A rich and smooth vanilla buttercream cake sprinkled with colourful sprinkles, topped with a cherry and chocolate shaving to enhance the flavour notes and to make the cake eating moment more scrumptious.
  • Fruit Cake: Juicy and succulent fruits, when added, makes a cake not only look more colourful but delicious too. With a perfect blend of cream, nuts, and fruits; a fruit cake makes sure that sweet cravings are satiated to the best optimum levels. If you choose a fruit cake, make sure it is topped with fresh and seasonal produce.
  • Red Velvet Fruit Cake: Another delectable variety of fruit cake. A red velvet cake smothered with freshly whipped cream and topped with chunks of tropical fruit. This Velvety fruit cake is the perfect choice for a teacher who loves everything extra sweet and creamy.
  • Blackforest Cake: This german beauty has many relishes. Baked with rich chocolate layers that are covered in whipped cream, cherry liqueur, and topped with chocolate shavings and cherries, black forest cake is known to be the mother of all good things. Make Teacher’s Day taste exotic yet sweet with this edible beauty. Several recipes of black forest cake exist on the internet, but if you are aiming at perfection, order black forest cake online.
  • Chocolate Cake: Can there maybe ever chocolate cake haters? Well, we guess “No.” Resisting a chocolate cake would be a sin. Sponge chocolate cake layers enrobed in thick and dark chocolate icing, further topped with white chocolate shavings and cherry; eating a chocolate cake means experiencing paradise. If you are sceptical about dark chocolate, you can go for Kitkat cake, Oreo cake, hazelnut chocolate cake, etc.
  • Choco-Vanilla Cake: Your teachers have always given you the best. It’s your time to make them taste the best of both the flavours, chocolate and vanilla. Order for them a choco-vanilla cake. The cake has a chocolate base with whipped vanilla cream and is topped with chocolate and vanilla cream. Half of the cake is in chocolate icing, while the other half is in vanilla, drizzled with chocolate.
  • Butterscotch Cake: Another perennial cake flavour that will be loved by your teachers is butterscotch cake. A freshly baked cream cake layered and topped with crunchy butterscotch chips. As it is for Teacher’s Day, top the cake with a chocolate moustache or lips.

So, these were some of the cake flavours that your teachers will be pleased to taste and eat. This Teacher’s Day, celebrate it sweetly with these cake flavours.