Uniswap Launches Version 4 with Customizable Liquidity Pools

Uniswap, a renowned decentralized exchange protocol, has made a groundbreaking announcement by announcing the launch of Uniswap v4. This release marks a significant advancement in on-chain liquidity and decentralized finance (DeFi), with this latest version. The protocol has an impressive trading volume of $1.5 trillion and version 4 is all set to revolutionize how tokens are traded on the blockchain.


The Uniswap team expressed their vision of Uniswap as a fundamental pillar of financial infrastructure, emphasising the importance of public development with room for community input and participation. This release promises to introduce a host of significant changes. Uniswap’s latest blog post talks about the exciting concept of hooks, which serve as plugins offering customization options for pools, swaps, fees, and LP (Liquidity Provider) positions. This new upgrade will offer a wide range of AMM pools in the DeFi ecosystem.

Significant Reduction in Costs

The v4 upgrade also introduces “singleton contracts” which is quite efficient to reduce costs as all the pools are integrated into a single smart contract. Users do not need to use separate contract for each pool which as a result will cut gas fees to a good extent. It is estimated that around a 99% reduction in cost will occur in terms of pool creation.

Uniswap has decided to use a Business Source License 1.1 for the release of the v4 source code. This license restricts the use of the code in commercial or production environments for up to four years. After this time, the license will change to a GPL license, which will have no time limit. Uniswap Labs may  grant exceptions to this license, just as they did with the v3 release.