The ULTIMATE Roofing SEO Plan | Increase Leads With Roofing SEO!

Roofing Webmasters offers Roofing SEO Services to contractors and companies across the nation. Our services include the popular Local SEO Software Tool: DataPins along with custom website design, on-page SEO, keyword research, and Google My Business management. Our services cost $1,200 per month and DO NOT require a long-term contract. We offer a month-to-month agreement to all of our roofers.

What is Roofing SEO?

Roofing SEO is the strategic process of ranking a website or another web property on search engine results. The process can apply to a roofing company website, Google Business Profile listing, or any web property.

SEO helps consumers find your roofing company online. For example, a homeowner in Fort Worth, TX, may search Google for the keyword: roof repair fort worth. The right SEO strategy helps rank your site #1 for the term. As a result, more consumers enter your website and contact your business.

SEO also applies to other search engines like Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo, but most traffic comes from Google. Common SEO tasks include keyword research, content writing, website design, and link building.

SEO Services from Roofing Webmasters

On-Page SEO

Roofing Webmasters optimizes on-page content for search rankings. Google wants to see keywords but does not want to see keyword stuffing. The Webmasters team strikes a balance by blending primary keywords with LSI or secondary keywords. Our team also places relevant internal links within the page so that users can easily navigate to other relevant pages on your website.

Content Writing

Our in-house content writing staff produces high-quality, SEO-friendly content for each page. Our team uniquely crafts each service page with relevant content that enhances the user experience and impresses search engines. The Webmasters’ content is free of grammatical errors or irrelevant text that fails to add value to the pages. We create value with high-quality web content.

Local SEO

With over 70% of local searches going to the Local Map-Pack, Roofing Webmasters ensures your company shows up within the 3-Pack. We include our proprietary SEO tool, DataPins, to validate your service area with geo-coordinated check-ins. Additionally, we optimize your Google Business Profile so that it has the best chance of ranking within the top 3 on Google Maps and converting customers in the process.

SEO for Roofers

Since roofing websites appeal to local consumers with a specific need, the optimization process needs to directly cater to the industry. We’ve mastered this challenge at Roofing Webmasters. With custom website design, keyword optimization, integration of Google Maps and My Business, and high-quality content, we generate leads for hundreds of clients. These combined activities help countless roofers dominate their local area through organic clicks.

How Roofer SEO is Different

Most roofers operate in a localized service area. However, many businesses limit their revenue by attempting to compete on a national search level. In other words, they’re competing with everyone and not effectively connecting with people located in their community. Others mistakenly target broad industry keywords that require years to rank, and once they do, generate mostly irrelevant traffic.

SEO for roofing contractors specifically focuses on targeting both industry and specific service-related keywords inside your local community. This strategy creates a much stronger supply of qualified leads, many of which come from Google’s Local Map-Packs. That’s why we incorporate citation listings, optimize GMB profiles, and simplify collecting client reviews.