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Socibot review 2020 Disclaimer

I have used Socibot before its launch and I’m sharing my real experience with you to give you a clear image of what socibot is and should you buy it or not? After reading my socibot review 2020, you will be able to clear all your confusion and curiosity about the product.

product Name: SociBot

creator: Neil Napier

Price: 37$

Release date and time: June 30, 2020, at 11:00 EDT

Recommendation: Definitely yes, but read the full review before deciding.

There are a number of automation tools for marketing and sales which makes your job quite easy from getting leads to making sales on a large number. But when it comes to social media there are not that many and effective tools with next-level features. Assume you have a social media tool that can send messages in inbox directly and reply to your audience comment whether it is FB or Instagram. How cool it would be !! such a tool can rapidly increase your sale, email list, or whatever your aim in on automation. Get ready to be introduced to a groundbreaking tool in this review.

Socibot review 2020: What is Socibot?

Socibotis a next level AUTOMATION tool for harnessing the power of social media. It uses the power of engagement and automation to achieve your goals like lead generation, sales, and affiliate offer promotion. It allows you to get directly into your potential customer’s inbox whether it is Facebook or Instagram. The world has never seen such software before and which such uniqueness.

Socibot Review 2020: Some Information about creators

creators of socibot

Neil Napier, Robert Emi, and Dragan Plushkovski are the creators of this product.

If you are a marketer then you must have heard about Neil Napier. He owns a company called KV social and offers social media marketing solutions for businesses. He has a history of successful product launches like Funnel 247, Content gorilla, Kvyio. Neil and his company was able to earn $750,000 with a year.

Socibot review 2020: Some ground Breaking FEATURES

Feature #1 Run social Contest

Socibot bot gives you the ability to run a social contest on Facebook and Instagram. For this, you have to set up a contest.

Let me tell you how to set up a contest for Facebook

  • First, you have to select Facebook as a platform.
how to Run social Contest
  • After selecting Facebook as the platform then you have to click on create a contest. Fo creating a contest you must have a Fb fan page. After this, you have to set up the contest by choosing a “keyword” and a “response message “ to that keyword.
  • This is how a contest will look like on Facebook (this is an example contest)
red color gift box

What will happen after setting up a contest?

The idea behind setting up a contest is to get access to the audience’s Facebook inbox. But how will it happen?

When someone comments a “specific keyword” like hbtheme as in the above picture then a message will be sent to them in their FB inbox (the message and the keyword will be crafted by you during setting up the contest). see the image below how it will look like

when someone comments a “specific keyword”

socibot commenting tool

Then messages like this will be sent automatically to the comment makers.

messenger feature

How to set up a contest on Instagram?

Before we learn how to set up a contest on Instagram let me tell you an important thing. On Instagram, you will be able to reply to the comment maker in the comment section automatically but like on Facebook you will not be able to send them an inbox message.

For this first, you have to select Instagram as the platform. Then set up a keyword and a reply for that keyword.

when someone comments on your contest post then their comment will automatically get a reply from your side.

auto replying tool


Feature #2 Recover old lead

This feature will help you get old leads from Facebook fan page posts and Instagram posts. All you need to do is select the post from Instagram and Facebook and click on import contact and then you will be able to import all the leads on the basis of like and comment from the posts.

Feature #3 Run post as your story

You will be able to run your post as your story and all this you can do within socibot. You can add popular hashtags to increase the engagement of the story.

Feature #4 Discover and Automate

This feature allows you to add multiple keywords and multiple replies when someone type those keywords. If you are doing some sought of surveys then this feature will be really helpful for you.

Feature #5 Segment and DM leads

You can use this feature for both fB and Insta. In this, you will be able to DM your audience. All the people who have liked or comment on your posts are your audience. For this first, you have to create a list from the audience and then you will be able to send messages to them.

Feature #6 Leverage Groups

Socibot allows you to search top-rated FB groups based on niches. You will be able to publish your contest inside FB groups also. These groups are the goldmines if you are looking to increase your audience and engagement.

Socibot Review 2020: Benefits of the product 

  • Generate leads: Lead generation is one of the most important things for a business. By using socibot you can generate UNLIMITED leads in a very easy way.
  • Sell affiliate products or any kind of products you want: As you know with socibot you can send messages to your FB audience inbox on automation. By using the automate feature you can setup a bot especially for selling products. imagine there is someone on your behalf 24×7 for selling products for you, how cool is that !!
  • Increase engagement: This product provides you a feature in which a reply from your side will be automatically delivered to your audience comment on insta and this will result in getting your post viral.
  • No need to spend your fortune on paid Ads.


  • easy to use and understand
  • Includes complete training
  • Unique features like auto-reply to comments
  • One of its kind
  • Complete automation


  • didn’t find any

Pricing and my Final Verdict

Now you know everything about the features and the benefits of the product and now you will be able to judge the price of the product.

Cloud-based software that allows you to generate leads, sales, and increase the traffic on automation is something I have never seen before and hence this product is worth a try. You don’t have to worry at all before they are giving a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Front end price of the product is 37$(personal) and 47$(commercial). According to me, the price is reasonable, not cheap.

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I want to thank you all for reading my Socibot review.