Commercial Space Review: Should You Invest in Spectrum Metro?

Spectrum Metro is located in Central Noida. To be exact it is situated right in front of the metro station – Sector 50, Noida. And directly opposite to the posh area of sector 50 of Noida. The best thing is that all the Civil facilities, as well as facilities related to public transport, are easily accessible from it. Hence, it is rooted in an opulent area which is very well connected to everything else as well. 

Connectivity or accessibility
There are certain facilities rendered by Spectrum that make it a prime location for all sorts of commercial projects, plus it is the only commercial mall that is centralized air-conditioned in the area. This caters to the requirements of the huge crowd that consists of urban, wealthy residential people, residing in the numerous posh sectors belonging to the central Noida including sectors from 74 to 79 and as well as sectors 112, 116, 117. In short, Spectrum Metro is a commercial project situated at an ultimate location. And as mentioned earlier all the public transports, as well as civic facilities are easily accessible from the Spectrum Project. 

Spectrum Metro could attract approximately 8 lakh family”

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Infra and design
This property, known as the Spectrum project is a perfect blend or combination of all three major elements namely commercial, retail as well as hospitality at one single place. The fact is the project is not appealing only because of its eye-catching concept and design but also because of the functional attraction that it has. This attraction or feature was clearly evident from the blueprint of the project. 

So far it has been revealed that the project is going to have major four sections that are – hospitality, Leisure, Business first, and lastly, Entertainment. Moreover, the design has been curated in such a manner that the project will render a beautiful view to the people at the complex. The retail shops for each and every floor have been designed so as to attain maximum possible visibility. The project is going to be filled with vitality and vigor. All the retail shops for commercial purposes that are located on the ground floor have their ceiling at the height of almost 22 ft. This is definitely an attractive factor. Investing in these ground floor retail shops can be beneficial for startups and regular rental incomes. 

“Double-height stores on the ground floor”

The frontier of the project is at least 1 km wide. Hence there is no doubt in the fact that the place is perfect in terms of location, planning, and layout. And as this is a large scale project so it has numerous entry points and exits. This contributes to attracting a lot of clients or customers and visitors as every retail area has maximum visibility or exposure. Which obviously is a good sign for investing in a commercial property.

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Public security
In terms of public security, the police station is located 10 minutes from the project as well as the Fire station. 

Construction update and Possession
The project of the Spectrum Metro project has been under construction but its delivery date was promised to be the December month of the year 2019. Regarding the date for the RERA Possession, it is said that it will be around December of the year 2020 only. The RERA registration number is available through – UPRERAPRJ6018. 

Owner’s Background
The developer of this project Spectrum Metro is the same person who developed the Gardenia Golf City. This implies that the fact the owner does not possess any experience of building and managing such large scale projects. The owner is Blue squares LLP. Another notable feature here is the owner’s inability to give timely possession of the property. 

“Clients were not able to acquire properties at the promised time in the previous projects constructed by Blue squares LLP.”

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Price list and comparison

The Price mentioned here may seem a little high but it is definitely worth it. And as you can see the price depends on the location and floor. 

Type Floor Price
Medi Floor 7500
Serviced Apartments 8500
Office space 7500
Retail Space Fourth  13500
Retail Space Third  15,000
Retail Space Second  16,500
Retail Space First 23,000
Retail Space Ground-level 32,000
Retail Shop Lower Ground 21,500

This is one of the most beneficiary facts about the project, “there are no competitors”. This is because the Spectrum Project is the sole mega Mall complex for the ultra-rich sector comprising the sectors 74 to 79 along with sectors 112, 116, 117. This is why the project is said to be perfect for investment in commercial property. 

“This is the only mall to cover  sectors 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 112, 116, and sector 117 of Noida”

ROI or Profitability
The layout, the design of the commercial office spaces along with the retail area is quite impressive. This space is nevertheless furnished aptly and designed in such a manner that all the requirements of every business can be met. Spectrum Metro offers or renders an efficient and good-enough parking space for all the stakeholders as well as for all the visiting guests. Hence the location and layout design are excellent. Therefore, it is the right choice for people who want their ROI in a time span of a couple of years, a few years or less. These people will be able to attain an actual appreciation of the value of resale that too in a few years. Once the project is constructed completely and ready for action, it will surely become one of the most famous hotspots in the Delhi-NCR. 

Pro and Cons


Pros Cons
1.A perfect blend of commercial, retail, and hospitality.  1. The areas like Ghaziabad, Noida or Greater Noida are not the safest options for investment.
2. Excellent visibility and design of retail shops. 2. Only a few malls such as the DLF or GIP are able to make huge profits rest are in the loss here. 
3.Multiple entries, multiple exit points. 3. Due to the part experience of a builder, completing this project on time might be an issue.
4. No competitors. 4. The builders do not have any experience in constructing mega malls.


Therefore, Spectrum Project is definitely an excellent location for commercial investments especially, such as retail brands and business startups. There is only one thing to keep in mind when making an investment, that is the previous track record of this builder for not giving possession on time.

Once the project is completed it is definite that the investors of this project at sector 75 will get at the least a return of 6% per annum which can obviously grow more. Hence, it is one of the excellent locations.