Brexily brings about a revolution in the field of Crypto Exchange

With the growing demand for crypto exchange, users are in search of user-friendly tools to enable secure trading. Brexily offers a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is expected to bring about a revolution in the field of crypto exchange across the globe.

With the world moving towards digitalisation and paperless work, cryptocurrency has evolved as the most significant digital currency. The improved liquidity and quick access that cryptocurrency brings further increases its popularity among the people. To enhance the experience of trading of cryptocurrency, Brexily provides the best platform to the users. The launch of Brexily is expected to take the cryptocurrency exchange platform to a whole new level. With cryptocurrency expected to experience high user growth in the near future, Brexily helps in filling the gap and providing optimum solutions.

According to the official spokesperson of the company, Brexily is the first of its kind, a cryptocurrency trading platform that comes with zero trading fees. The platform is all set to provide innovative solutions to the users. By providing a user-friendly and secure platform, the company enables easy buying as well as selling of cryptocurrency among the users. Additionally, the users can also benefit from the reward programs and the community-based loyalty programs offered by the platform.

Brexily is designed with the aim of providing the users much more than a simple decentralised exchange of cryptocurrency. Apart from zero trading fees, the platform of Brexily offers several unique features for the users. One of the prominent features is the community rewards, which credits a welcoming bonus to the account of the user on signing up in Brexily. On inviting friends to the platform, Bexily rewards the users with a referral bonus.

The crypto exchange platform of Brexily also features a multiway payment option. The multiway payment option enables the users to purchase cryptocurrency through the use of debit or credit cards on the Brexily platform. The third-party integration also allows the users to reload as well as receive funds with the use of crypto in any currency. With a multi-layer security feature, the platform helps in providing optimum security to all the activities and transactions of the users.

Through an online crypto marketplace, Brexily extends its services to enable the user to shop online, book hotels, purchase flight tickets, reload mobile balances, and make utility bill payments through the platform. Starting from groceries and food items to electronics and fashion items, the platform enables users to shop for everything. Brexily aims at making the crypto market easily accessible to the users, especially the ones who are new to the cryptocurrency exchange market. It offers valuable services to the users who lack the understanding and knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

By offering crypto debit cards, Brexily helps in empowering the users. With the easy and hassle-free conversion of the funds, the users can be highly benefited. Being accepted worldwide, the crypto debit card allows the user to spend or withdraw the required amount from the funds anywhere and anytime. The platform also offers the flexibility to choose between physical and virtual cards for convenience and control over the financial funds. Shopping through the prepaid cards offers the users an opportunity to earn exclusive rewards. Moreover, the safe and secure payment system ensures protection against security threats for the users.

Brexily has a team of professional experts continuously engaged in providing support to the users and ensuring better user experiences. With experience and expertise in the field, the experts strive to offer the best value to the users. Along with services, the team provides constant support to the users. The dedicated customer support team will be available 24/7 to help in solving all the issues and enquiries from the users. 

About the Company:

Developed by Everus Technologies and set for its official launch in May 2020, Brexily will be positioned as one of the key solutions within the Everus World Ecosystem. As well as benefiting from the existing 100,000 global Everus wallet users, Brexily will attract a new audience of cryptocurrency users who are seeking a secure and user friendly platform for cryptocurrency trading.

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  • PSIGEN – Developed exclusively for the Everus Wallet, PSIGEN A.I trading bot provides fully automated trading across a variety of leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, generating passive income for users in Bitcoin, 24 hours a day.
  • EVR+ – Providing users with an alternative form of investment; generating long term passive income in the form of Bitcoin. Users receive daily dividend earnings of up to 18 months with a high-interest rate.
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