List of Top 3 Best Kodi Sports Addons

If you are here right now, it’s obvious that you are into streaming live sports and you love watching different matches. But then there’s this complete turn off of using a cable TV as you can’t easily find your favorite sports channels on it and even if you do, they don’t work all the time. 

On top of that, it’s a fact that cable TV is becoming more and more expensive with the passage of time so why not opt for something that’s free and works just fine? Here we are talking about Kodi and its sports addons that will be the best thing you’ll use this year. 

For those who don’t know, Kodi is one of the most famous media players at the moment with thousands of users that are growing rapidly. It’s famous due to its versatility and then are the addons that really make it useful. 

List of Kodi Sports addons for Streaming Everything Related to Kodi

Today we are going to jot down 3 of the best Kodi sports addons that will do wonders to your interest in sports. 

1-Planet MMA Kodi Addon for MMA

A sports lover would definitely know that MMA and UFC are the hottest thing in sports right now. Especially if you love sports and action, you are going to love this addon so without waiting any further, try Planet MMA. With Planet MMA you can have access to all the sports events, especially the famous ones. 

From UFC Fight Night to Contender Series to Ultimate Fighter Series, you’ll be able to enjoy all of this just by installing a single addon. If you are a big time fan of the UFC and MMA then this addon is a must for you and it should be your point of call because Planet MMA is built around the action of these sports. 

2-Sportie Addon for Live Sports Channels 

A little new to the addons list but this one comes with the finest performance and the channels it streams are all famous. Sportie streams a mixture of all the famous sports events. For example, with this addon, you can access wrestling shows, WWE, the NBA and a lot more depending on what you like. Sportie Kodi addon is a worthy source and you should definitely give it a try because the best part about it is that you can stream all of your favorite sports channels on it, all the time. 

3-Bennu Kodi Addon 

The last on the list that we have for you is Bennu and this one has a lot to offer especially the NFL games. You can also watch the NFL on USTVNow which is another great addon for live TV streaming on Kodi. The only issue with Bennu is that sometimes due to viewer’s rights, you won’t be able to stream some sports channels 24/7. If the content is restricted to a particular region, simply skip it as there will be alternatives for it or try using a virtual private network tool compatible with the Kodi. 

Final Words 

This is the list of kodi sports addons that you should try right now for streaming your favorite sports content on your home device right in your schedule. All of these addons are worth your time and no matter what you pick, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the results. 

We have tried our best to list the working and content rich addons. However, improvements are possible. If you think that something is missing here, please feel free to contact us and give us your constructive feedback.